I Feel I Dreamed of This


Between your legs I feel I dreamed of this

With no explanation necessary…

My goal is to touch your soul

Rise up on the inside, whispering like-

Don’t stop! That’s my spot.


So you want to get to know me?

Wanna hold me?

Make my clit feel holy?

Get naked and show me– God?

-Unfamiliar, by Skim Feat Jade Ross

So I promised y’all more Lesbian Hip Hop and now I’m getting back to it. (Check out my previous review of my ‘secret’ crush Feloni) I’d like to introduce you to Skim Skimma, a Korean American Stud from LA whose music has been rockin’ my playlist.

Highlights of her debut album For Every Tear include my absolute fav Unfamiliar, Featuring ‘sexy femme’ Jade Ross and She Said, both sexy, danceable tunes. Other songs on the album that touched me deeply include the loving and wistful What’s On Your Mind, and the dark and moody Holdin.’

Actually a lot of her album is dark and moody left-wing political shit punctuated by goddess inspired  spoken word poetry–which can be a little overwhelming taken all at once. I can’t fault her politics or religion–being a lefty Goddess worshiper myself,  but I can’t help wishing the album had more of the up-tempo songs. Still, mixed into my playlist, or played together on a rainy day, definitely enjoyable.

Anyway, check her out! A talented indie artist who doubtless only has more to share!

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