Sucking Dildos

Watching Porn online again:

Ok, what is the point of sucking on a Dildo? Really? I that has to be some psychological shit right there. I mean, do I really want to wrap my lips around some plastic cock when I could be sucking on a warm wet pussy?

And why are so many of the dildos just butt ugly? If they’re not some hideous shade of green they’re hot pink, or they stick a white cock on a black woman and it just looks so wrong…

Some of these porns I see online are trying to make the sex by the exact same formulas they use for straight sex, and it just looks ridiculous. The worst part is when the women are not that interested. Oh they feign enthusiasm, just like with the men, but we all know…

I want to see that breathless look on their face as they kiss…that feeling of amazement and wonder that someone so luscious, so beautiful is pressing their lips against theirs…moving their body tantalizingly close…

They can do all the freaky shit, but I like when they stop and laugh a bit, are kind to each other too…you know?

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  1. I’m totally guilty of sucking on dildo. The imagination can be a fantastic tool during sex. Some people really get off on watching blowjobs and it’s even more exciting for them to imagine someone sucking them off like that. So, strap it on and to business.
    I do find most dildos to be EWWWWWWWw.. i won’t go near anything with balls or that are weird looking.

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