Butches and Femmes

Looking out at the room—

Full of butches and femmes…

Questioning–why all these chicks need to be like women and men?

And which gender role is really pretend?

It’s like high school up in here all over again—

But the jocks are all studs—

And the girls are mad femmes!

Only it’s high school like I never saw—

High school dances? I stayed away—

Skipping school with the freaks or out with the GSA

(I may have fallen back into the closet—now I’m back out to stay)

If coming out is all about expressing yourself,
Isn’t conforming to type bad for your mental health?

If I’m a femme as you say that I am,

Should I polish my toenails and dress up all glam?

(That’s more than I ever have done for a man.)

You say that you want a “straight lesbian femme”

But a woman like that, wouldn’t she be attracted to men?

If I like a girl who’s so butch she’s a guy,

How can it be a wonder I’m Bi?

And why do you say that I can’t make up my mind…

If I next date a girl who’s soft, gentle and kind?

And why do Studs have to hate Studs—

Except when they’re best buds?

This quandary may be an old story to you,

But I’m looking with eyes bright and new

(Puzzled, amused, turned on and confused….)

I hope that these words that I speak don’t offend

I’m just trying to comprehend—

Why does this room full of women need to be like women and men?

And where do I fit—If I like both of them?

Where do I fit in—if I’m like both of them?

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