Worth Losing Sleep Over?

I haven’t slept in two days because of this crazy scheme I’ve cooked up.

This past Friday when I went out dancing at Pure Friday with a woman, Tina, who I met two weeks ago. It seems that her ex-girlfriends cousin called her and told her we were a couple–when the facts were quite opposite. In fact, I wasn’t sure if it was a date, or if we was goin’ out as friends–but she let me know straight  out that we was just out on, you know, a friendship basis. Which was cool. I was just psyched to be out with a good dancer, surrounded by beautiful lesbians.

Actually, although we danced together for stretches, she seemed determined to stick to the sidelines. She didn’t like the DJ much. I went out for some air, and then made a circuit of the room. Back near Tina,  I noticed a “Stud” a butch woman with corn rows in a baggy striped shirt who was wowing out on the dance floor. I was edging her way when I found myself dancing with an extremely exuberant gay man. He was a good dancer, and I really enjoyed dancing with him. Suddenly, though–I found myself with the Stud woman, and it wasn’t a question of who I wanted to dance with. Oh my god, dancing with her was so hot! As she moved around me–with me…

But then I saw Tina back on the sidelines–I think I just needed to touch bases. She reassured me that I should go dance with other women, and I walked up to the woman I had been dancing with and introduced myself. Her face was hard up close. She seemed startled by my approach. I told her I enjoyed dancing with her, and then went to the bathroom. When I came back I hit the dance floor again, casting frequent glances her way hoping she’d dance with me again.

But she never did. I danced some more with the gay guy, then by myself for a bit, then with a sweet trans woman who had a basic sense of rhythm and an air of being lost and alone that I could relate to. Finally I danced some more with Tina. Okay, it was sexy dancing at times.  Dancing with her it was impossible to keep my eyes from the wide expanse of her smooth brown chest, perfect cleavage framed by a low cut tank top. Still, I’ve danced that intimately with total strangers. At the same time it was sexy, it was also very innocent.

So anyway, I think the Stud in the striped shirt was Tina’s ex-girlfriend’s cousin. As Tina and I were getting into my car, still high off the fun of the evening, someone hollered from across the street. Tina jumped out and ran across the street, and I, thinking she was saying hi to a friend, jumped out after.

I saw Tina across the street talking to a thick, elegantly dressed woman with a very ugly mouth. Next to her was a Stud in a striped shirt. The same one? I couldn’t be sure. I was about to cross the street when the femme hollered at me.

“So how you like it when she goes down on you?” She yelled. I think. Tina came back in the car and we split.

Turns out they have an off-again, on-again thing.

I saw Tina a couple days ago, and I guess her ex has been blowing up her phone. Tina doesn’t want to back to Pure. I do. I’ve been going out to Lesbian Nights for a year, and only now I find one that’s every week? Okay the DJ kinda sucks, but who cares–I had a good time!. It pisses me off that because I asked someone I barely knew to go dancing with me; I now don’t feel like I can go back there–at least without back-up.

So I want to go back, soon. I hope I do run into Tina’s ex! I ain’t fightin the bitch over someone I barely know who isn’t interested in me anyway! I’d like a chance to explain myself–maybe to her Stud friend if she’s a bit more cool headed. But not without back-up.

Which is where my scheme comes in. I was trying to think of who I could ask to go with me. My ex-girlfriend Jen? Sure, she’s black, but she’s a cream puff compared to those ghetto broads. Then I had my aha moment.

See I’ve been wanting to come out to one of my good friends for a while. She’s tough, strong, fun, hella fiesty and a boxer. The only thing that’s held me back from coming out to her is–well, the fact that she’s a Jehovah’s witness (though lapsed, and very open minded) and my huge overwhelming crush on her.

Asking her to Pure would kill three birds with one stone. I would have a way to come out to her that bore no connection to my feelings for her, have back-up to go out (I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have at my back), and probably have a really good time.

So that’s the plan. she’s out of the country now, but she’s coming back next week, and I’m going to lay it out for her. I think she will be drawn into the adventure of it. If she agrees to go with me things could go a lot of ways–worst case we get in a a fight, and I get my ass beat. Best case my friend has an epiphanie and realises she’s really into women.

Realistically, we’d probably just have a really good time dancing.

I wish I could sleep. This is taking up just way too much of my brain.


  1. Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!
    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

    • Hey, thanks..although I can’t take credit for the theme–the graphic is mine. I’m afraid I’m a very selfish blogger–I only post when the words push out of me uncontrollably. Do keep reading though!

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