Paganism, Bisexuality and Transexuality

If you believe in past lives, then bisexuality and the desire to trans-gender become more comprehensible. Maybe a Trans Man was male last life? Or is about to transition to Male in the next life? If you can identify the source of your feelings, I think one can come to terms with it without surgery. Why go through all that when death is a most effective gender alterer?

Of course, if transitioning makes a person happy, then Bevakesha, Go ahead!

Sometimes I can feel my male selves stretching back into the past. Or filling me in the present.  At certain parties I become a guy, holding a beer, hanging out and watching the pretty ladies. Some nights I fantasize doing things with certain ladies that I can not presently do with my current equipment.

At other times I am very grounded in my female self, fully satisfied with my female body, female urges–both towards men and women.

Still it surprised me when my Dad’s old roommate told me she was going from Pam to Mike. Growing up I always thought of her as embodying womanhood–not femininity, but a certain strength and power that I think of as uniquely female. She always seemed unabashedly herself and very comfortable in her body.

What did I know, right? How can I know what experiences she’s had in her life to make her want to pursue that path?

Still it’s not for me. My body, my hormones, are what I’ve got for this lifetime. Next time maybe I’ll be born a guy–nah, I don’t think so, I like being a woman too much!

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