If I Were Temporary Dictator of Israel

I would make a proclamation to all:

We Jews came here to escape persecution and injustice, and also to reclaim the land we associate with our heritage. In the process we brought down persecution and injustice on many other people. People who no more deserve it than we did. This can no longer continue. Certain changes will have to happen if we are all to live together.

From now on all citizens of Palestine and Gaza who are willing to take a vow of citizenship to Israel will be granted full citizens with all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of citizenship. All Israeli Citizens will also have to take vows of citizenship that include an affirmation of respect for the citizenship of all within the borders of Israel as it stands now.

The “right to return” will not be honored, not because it wrong, but because it is just not practical. Transitional housing programs will be provided to help with getting housing anywhere, with no neighborhood legally allowed to bar entrants, or funds will be provided to help you stay in or improve on your home. I know this may not seem like enough, but we will continue to build programs of support using the resources that we have as a country.

I am redesigning our system of representation so that both Jews and Palestinians have a representative voice, rather than basing the system on numbers, using a model based on a combination of American and French style democracy.

I now pronounce this day to be a day of atonement. Also a day of giving. On this day from now on we will remember that not only have been the victims of persecution, but we can also be the persecutors. We will give each other something meaningful on this day, even if it just a kind act, to remember that that is not how we want to be.

Once I set this all in motion, I will resign.

(Then someone will no doubt shoot me.)

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