Bloody Uterus Revisited

I thought I would share my response to a comment on Over My Bloody Uterus Go ahead and click back to it to see what I’m responding to.

Bill, you don’t know anything about me or my personal choices. When people fight  as hard to create support networks to help women raise kids as they do for their right to be born, then I will give this argument some credence. But as long as people fight for babies rights to be born, and then don’t give a rat’s ass what happens for the next 18 years, I say back off the Uterus! Ever notice how the whole responsibility for the baby falls on the woman not the man? Chances he wanted that sex as much or more than the woman involved, but he gets to walk away scott free, off to talk some other girl out of using a condom. (or whatever) I don’t even want to get into all the coercive things guys do get women into bed, rape being only the most sick and obvious one.

Until you’ve lost a baby, Bill, I don’t think you can really know about the connection of a spirit to it’s potential life, and until you’ve struggled to make it as a single parent with no child support, or found yourself in the many other difficult positions women find themselves in, you really have no room to talk.

The bottom line is that when Abortion was illegal women got them anyway. Because they often went to hacks, both the women and the baby died. Maybe you think that’s justice? I think you’re sick!

So abortion is a “bail out” for “bad girls”? That is too rich! I want to control where government spending goes too! Let’s stop funding wars, big corporations, the oil industry, coal and nuclear power! And this isn’t about government spending, the bill makes sure no woman will get coverage–even for private plans.

Oh, and where the hell do you get off comparing yourself to a feminist activist? If it was up to you I’d be barefoot in the kitchen.

Go fuck yourself! (At least you won’t reproduce that way)

Oh, and you can just call me Big Mama.


  1. You rock sister! I loved your response and your original post. I’m not a feminist by any means, just a Brotha who believes women should determine what happens to their own bodies.

    • I hate it when Women and Men say “I’m not a Feminist but…” Do you believe in a woman’s right to equal rights and opportunities and control over her body? If so, then male or female, you are a feminist! We need more feminist identified men!

  2. Well, in my experience, a man saying he is a feminist is sometimes a very touchy thing…like a White person saying they are down with Black Empowerment. I’ve had women tell me that I’m NOT a feminist because I’m not a woman and, no matter what, I’m still part of the dreaded, evil Patriarchy. Other women have appreciated me saying that but, with this post, I just didn’t want you to chump me in front of everyone lol. So, yes, I believe in equal rights for women, definitely.

    • I hear that. Feminists can get touchy just like any other group. Like the hard-line anti-porn position many feminists hold, I think that is an unfortunate stance. Still I try to avoid comments that start with “I’m not a ____but…” because whether you are saying you are not a Feminist or not a racist, the next thing you say is bound to contradict your opening.

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