Trick your body into thinking it’s pregnant? Ewww!

Would you take an injection that made your body think it was pregnant to loose weight?

This is a response to this story.

Talk about fad diets! Now everyone else can feel the miserable starvation that I went through in my last pregnancy! By the ninth month of my last pregnancy I had lost about the amount of weight that this plan advertises (true it took 9 months not 40 days). That’s right, including the weight of the baby, I weighed thirty–forty pounds less than I weighed before I got pregnant! When the midwife showed me the weight gain chart I was actually below the page.

So how did I accomplish this amazing feet of weight loss?

Well, it started with throwing up constantly, and progressed to a persistent feeling of starvation.  But by all means, inject yourself with this chemical! Be my guest! Especially guys! I can’t wait to see you barf up that bagel! Now you too can feel the joys of pregnancy!

–Something tells me, that just like me, you’ll gain all that weight back. Wonder what else you’ll get with it?

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