Death of a Relationship

She was so beautiful: honey-bee eyes, skin like grade A maple syrup, a smile to reel you in, breasts like pillows…

It’s the classic story of girl meets girl. Girls have long deep conversations. Girl drops hints about bisexuality. Girls wind up in bed…

And it’s all downhill from there–well, not the bed part, that was quite wonderful–but the rest of it. Our communication quickly slipped off of it’s axis as miss-communication built on miss-communication.   Expectations clashed on everything. She had never heard the joke but still wanted to UHaul it. I wanted to take it slow and get to know her. I liked her daughter’s spunk, but thought she was too wild and out of control. She thought I was too controlling with my “bed times.” She thought I was too emotionally distant and lashed out at me. That made me—well, you can figure it out.

Now we’re friends on Facebook and exchange the occasional text message.

I still fantasize about making love to her just about every night.

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