A Street Named Carma

I finally found a parking space near a fund-raising party in JP when a woman approached me.

Woman: “Excuse me, do you know where Jubilee Street is?” I looked her over. She was brown skinned, with rough clothes and that wasted, worn look of a crackhead or junkie.

Me: (Giving her the benefit of the doubt and pulling out my iphone) “No–I can look it up…what did you say it was called?”

Woman: “Look,  my three kids are locked in the house and I need a locksmith–I’m a registered nurse–if you give me $12 I’ll give you $32 tomorrow!”

Me: I’m sorry I can’t do that. (I had $14 in my wallet–and the cover was $12–or so I thought)

Woman: “Well, my kids are locked in–and I can’t get to them. How about you give me six, and I’ll find someone else to give me the rest?”

Me: “What street were you looking for again?”

Woman: “Carma Street.”

Me: (Dense as a post) “I thought you said Jubilee?”

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  1. I gave her two dollars–luckily I still got in with $12 when the cover was $15!

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