Over My Bloody Uterus/Over My Sick-And-Dying-Body

Either the low & middle income women of this Nation are about to be screwed out of any access to safe abortions, or billions of low-income people will continue to die from lack of health care coverage. Having grown up steeped in the history of women bleeding to death from back alley abortions, and recently loosing someone who might have lived if he had access to preventative health care, my stomach is in knots.

What kind of Faustian bargain are the democrats making? Throwing 50 years of woman’s reproductive rights struggle down the drain?  Why does it always come to these false choices: women or everyone, women or blacks?

Is anyone else nauseated by the narrative of news shows explaining how the health care bill not only will not use federal funds to cover abortion–but will effectively prevent anyone else from covering it either? Not to scare us, but in an effort to placate so-called democrats who think the bill is still too lenient on abortion?


PS. Here’s my new chant for Tea Party Protestors:

Kill the Bill! We wanna die! Health is for the rich! Let poor people Die!


  1. Okay, You didn’t leave a name, so I can’t address you directly. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a supporter of this health bill, but you hit a nerve with your opening paragraph. First of all, who’s rights are you fighting for? The woman’s right to kill an innocent child because she wasn’t thinking when she had sex? With all due respect, back alley or in a medical institution, abortion is morally and absolutely wrong. It is a woman’s choice whether she will or will not become intimate with someone, and in making that choice, she is consenting to the possibility that something will result from it. Once that decision has been made, it is no longer her choice whether a baby lives.

    One of the biggest problems these days is everybody expects a handout. You made a choice to have sex, now it is the governments responsibility to bail you out so you can bail on being a mother? You weren’t ready to be a mother, than maybe you should rethink your activities. Don’t expect that my tax dollars are going to bail you out.

    I am sorry if you disagree, but honestly, how do you think that child would feel if it had a vote? It wasn’t too long ago that women had no rites, where would you be if no one fought for you?


    • Bill, you don’t know anything about me or my personal choices. When people fight as hard to create support networks to help women raise kids as they do for their right to be born, then I will give this argument some credence. But as long as people fight for babies rights to be born, and then don’t give a rat’s ass what happens for the next 18 years, I say back off the Uterus! Ever notice how the whole responsibility for the baby falls on the woman not the man? Chances he wanted that sex as much or more than the woman involved, but he gets to walk away scott free, off to talk some other girl out of using a condom. (or whatever) I don’t even want to get into all the coercive things guys do get women into bed, rape being only the most sick and obvious one.

      Until you’ve lost a baby, Bill, I don’t think you can really know about the connection of a spirit to it’s potential life, and until you’ve struggled to make it as a single parent with no child support, or found yourself in the many other difficult positions women find themselves in, you really have no room to talk.

      The bottom line is that when Abortion was illegal women got them anyway. Because they often went to hacks, both the women and the baby died. Maybe you think that’s justice? I think you’re sick!

      So abortion is a “bail out” for “bad girls”? That is too rich! I want to control where government spending goes too! Let’s stop funding wars, big corporations, the oil industry, coal and nuclear power!

      Oh, and where the hell do you get off comparing yourself to a feminist activist? If it was up to you I’d be barefoot in the kitchen.

      Go fuck yourself! (At least you won’t reproduce that way)

      Oh, and you can just call me Big Mama.

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