Work Wet-On

Today I found myself wishing I wasn’t mostly attracted to black men. Probably because my new job has a lot of them. I haven’t seen anyone really mind-blowing, but being surrounded by more attractive men than I am used to is distracting. When I’m not falling for women of all ethnic backgrounds, I almost almost am attracted to Black, Native Americans and Hispanics. (Oddly, when I fall for a white guy he tends to be blond with blue eyes.)

(Haven’t seen any really cute girls)

The frustrating thing about being attracted to black guys is the dramatic reduction in guys who are likely to share my interests and tastes. Not only that, but I’m attracted to only certain men: I like thick men with sexy smiles, cute noses, melodious voices. Tall and big-boned is a plus.

I’m also looking for someone with over-lapping interests in spirituality, politics, arts–an interest in scince fiction and fantasy is a plus. Someone I can talk to, who is smart and insightful and not swift to judgment or thin skinned. All that and he needs to not be too messy, have a solid source of income and be ready to be there for my kids.

Oh, and put up with me!


  1. To keep ourselves bounded within the realm of what’s considered more comfortable only deny ourselves to actually live. Life is good. Check out my blog and be a part of the “Weddington Files”. Great stuff and we update often:)….keep in touch. Oh yeah..Subscribe!!

  2. I really like this post. Mainly cuz I’m all the things you said you’re attracted to and that makes me feel validated somehow. Lame, I know. hahaha.

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