Casual Suburban Racism

I walked into this conversation Monday:

Man 1: “Really?”

Man 2:”Oh yeah, there’s a real problem with METCO kids bringing all kinds of drugs and violence into the school.” (METCO kids are kids from poor predominantly black neighborhoods who ride up to an hour both ways to get a “better” education. It’s part of the state’s attempt to make up for the segregated city and inequitably funded schools.)

Me: “I went to school here and never noticed METCO kids bringing drugs into the schools…”

Man 2: “Oh yeah. It’s a big problem. The METCO kids bring the drugs in and then local kids get busted for them.”

Me: “Are you sure the local kids aren’t blaming the METCO kids because they got caught?”

Man 2: “Well, my son got busted and it was all because a METCO kid left a bag of Marijuanna in the car…(ahem)…plus busing the kids in costs the city a lot of money…”

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