A Trip to the Doctor

So I finally went and met my Doctor: a petite woman who looks like she couldn’t gain weight if she tried. I tried to talk to her about the pain in my neck that upsets my sleep and makes me wake up with both arms asleap, but there was only one thing that she wanted to talk about: my weight.

Doctor: “How long have you struggled with your weight?”

Me: “Well, I used to be 140 lb, but I gained a lot of weight when I got pregnant, and I’ve been plus sized ever since. I actually lost 30 lb on my second pregnancy, only to gain it back post partum. All of the women in my family are skinny until they have children, then they have simillar builds to mine.”

Doctor: “But how long have you been struggling with your weight?”

Me: “Um…since never. I’m ok with my body.”

Doctor, sputtering: “but…but…but”

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