What the hell is up with the name of this Blogg?

Inspired by the parting words of an Ex (OK, I’ve been called worse: “rich white bitch” comes to mind–but then, that boyfriend thought I lived in ivory tower because I went to Community College), the purpose of this blogg is to sort out my thoughts on: interracial relations and relationships, my experiences with homelessness and the middle class, bisexuality, being a plus sized woman in a skinny bitches world, feminism, dysfunctional families, Judaism, Paganism, and really anything else that takes my fancy.


  1. Just found you. Love you already. I will subscribe right now!

    • Thanks hun! Spread the word!

  2. […] The first was basically my about page. The about page has changed a little since then, and you can check it out if you want to, but it’s my second post that I think is worth […]

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